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Boundaries and the Florida lifeguard
“Lifeguards are supposed to save lives, right? Well, several lifeguards in Florida were temporarily out of jobs this week after one of them saved a man from drowning on a stretch of beach north of Miami -- and then was fired for doing so..“
organ donor market
As a firm believer in the right of an individual to make bad decisions I was in for a rude awakening when I realised the inconsistency of my opposition to organ selling with my belief that prostitution and drug use should be legal.
Y R Republicans embarrassed by Ron Paul
I like this man so much, I've even given him his own category on this blog - and not being American, I don't even vote in their elections. But I fully respect his amazing consistency though there are very few things I disagree with him on.
Did I inspire Steven Levitt of Freakonomics daughter test?
Months ago I wrote a quick summary of my comments in an Economist debate on legalizing prostitution. I was going to use them to write an essay, but have yet to do so. Instead, I recently discovered a source for an apparent mistake and also a flattering echo of my thoughts.
The Debt Ceiling Debacle and the World Economy
The recent debt ceiling Kabuki theater and subsequent poor critical reception from S&P is a good case study and launchpad into an analysis of the political theater. Using RTBM, we will first look at the economic issues and then at the composition of the ruling class.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart censored in Britain
Watching The Daily Show (TDS) the other day I learned that their “praise” of British Parliament had been censored in Britain. And while Jon Stewart vented his beef with the Brits, I couldn’t help remembering my own beef with TDS.
Oslo bombed
I am quite upset to learn about this terrorist attack in Oslo, particularly since years ago I traveled through that country. Though at least 7 people died and more were harmed, it’s a small relief that the Prime Minister, who was seemingly the target of these attacks, was not hurt.



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